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College of Piping Tutor Book 1
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College of Piping Tutor Book 1

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  • The College of Piping's famous green tutor book has sold more than 385,000 copies to date. The College's tutor book has stood the test of time and has remained at the forefront of bagpipe instruction for over 50 years. Now complete with a website video examples, you can now hear how the movements are supposed to sound while actually seeing it be played. The website also contains worksheets to help you with music theory and PDQB syllabi for levels one and two. 

    This tutor is designed for the absolute beginner and takes the learner through finger positions, scales, grace notes, doublings, and other rudimentary movements, beginner tunes, and music theory. The book made for practice chanter learning and is useful before purchasing a set of bagpipes.

    82 Pages.

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