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Canaday Day 2020

Canaday Day 2020

Scotland and Canada The link between Scotland and Canada has always been strong.  There are so many connections in history, economically, political...
Reasons to buy a kilt online

Reasons to buy a kilt online

While many people are still skeptical about buying clothes online, you shouldn't have to be when it comes to kilts. No Pressure You can take your t...
Should You Rent or Buy Your Scottish Kilt?

Should You Rent or Buy Your Scottish Kilt?

Need a traditional highland dress for a special occasion? Wondering whether you should buy or rent one? You may want to ponder through a few consid...


Terry and the staff here are excellent! I have been here multiple times and recently used them to have a new kilt made and accessories bought for my wedding. They are fully stocked and will order anything you need as well. I highly recommend them for all your tartan and Celtic needs!

Cam Fraser

The Tartantown team went above and beyond for my kilt order- he spent all the time I needed to ensure that I got the kilt outfitted to my specifications, and that I got the accessories that I needed. He even helped me find a piper for my wedding!

I can't recommend them enough.

Alex Nixon

Tartantown is a pleasure to do business with! Both of our dancers have had their first Kilts made by Tartantown and the kilts and jackets are beautiful! Their staff is quick with responding to emails and are super friendly. Thank you Nick and Terry, we appreciate all that you do for your customers!

Gayle Roy