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Tyler Fry - Interactive Tenor Drumming
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Tyler Fry - Interactive Tenor Drumming

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  • Learn to play tenor drum in a pipe band from the master! The TyFry® Interactive Tenor Drumming Package is available now.

    Award winning interactive agency McLellan Group has collaborated with TyFry® to create a dynamic, fun, instructional package designed to teach you the art of pipe band tenor drumming.

    Each package contains 2 interactive discs – a CD ROM for computer use and bonus DVD for your television.

    • Familiarise yourself with the rhythmical structures of time signatures common to pipe bands.
    • Learn to perform simple & compound time and motion.
    • Become competent at visual discipline of flourishing.
    • Offers an introduction to rhythmic accentuation and syncopation.
    • Multi-angle footage provides you with different visual perspectives.

    "Practice with Ty" BONUS DVD - gives you full screen size video clips to practice along with Tyler using your television.

    By Tyler Fry.

    Includes a CD-Rom and a DVD.

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