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Simon Fraser University Pipe Band - Live at Carnegie Hall

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  • Recorded by the six-time World Champion Simon Fraser University Pipe Band on February 20th, 1998 live in New York City at Carnegie Hall.

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    Contents of CD:

    1. The Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre
    2. Hornpipe and Jigs
    3. The Set
    4. Amazing Grace
    5. Solo - Andrew Bonar
    6. Duet - Jack Lee and Alan Bevan
    7. Asleep at the Wheel
    8. 6/8 Marches
    9. The Back of the Moon
    10. Piobaireachd
    11. Piping Hot
    12. Trio - Adam Quinn, Patrick Napper, Colin McWilliams
    13. Solo - Stuart Liddell
    14. SFUPB
    15. The Gold Ring
    16. Pastorale
    17. The Curlew

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