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SFU Pipe Band - Battle of the Bagpipes

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  • What is the world’s most difficult musical instrument? The Harp? French Horn? Bassoon? Actually, it's the Bagpipe and it's experiencing a furious revival around the world.

    In 2009 over 8000 pipers and drummers converged on Glasgow Green in Scotland to compete for the 'Spike', the world’s most coveted prize in pipe band competition. The band with the most at stake, having won the previous year, was the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band. The SFU Pipe band is one of only three bands outside the United Kingdom to have won the world championship prize. The Battle of the Bagpipes: A Journey to the World Pipe Band Championship is a one hour documentary capturing the Simon Fraser University and Robert Malcolm Memorial Pipe Bands' 2009 trip to compete in the World Pipe Band Championship. During this lively journey we witness the passionate story of two brothers, Jack and Terry Lee who helm not only the largest piping family in the world but also the most successful pipe band in recent years.

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