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SFU Pipe Band - A High Cut Above
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SFU Pipe Band - A High Cut Above

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  • This book is intended to be a guide for those who are interested in piping for Highland dancers. Many pipers are called upon to do this occasionally at public events and performances, while others do it on a regular basis at recitals, dance classes, and contests. Whatever your interests or skill level, this book provides the basic information you will need to pipe for Highland dancers.

    26 tunes for highland dances and 21 tunes for the national dances.

    Tunes (47):

    Tunes for the Highland Dances

    • The Marquis of Huntly
    • The Devil in the Kitchen
    • The Caledonian Society of London
    • Gillie Callum
    • Whistle O’er the Lave O’t
    • The Keel Row
    • Orange and Blue
    • Lady MacKenzie of Fairburn
    • The Fiddler’s Joy
    • Stumpie
    • McPhedran’s Strathspey
    • Lord Blantyre
    • Monymusk
    • The Rose Among the Heather
    • The Reel of Tulloch
    • The High Road to Linton
    • Mrs. MacLeod of Raasay
    • Dancing Feet
    • The Devil Among the Tailors
    • The Fairy Dance
    • The Kilt if My Delight
    • Kate Dalrymple
    • The Piper of Drummond
    • Sleepy Maggie
    • Jock Wilson’s Ball
    • Miss Girdle

    Tunes for the National Dances

    • Paddy’s Leather Breeches
    • The Irish Washerwoman
    • Paddy O’Rafferty
    • Corkhill
    • Jackie Tar
    • My Love She’s But a Lassie Yet
    • Crossing the Minch
    • The 78th’s Walk Round
    • The Braes of Mar
    • The Earl of Errol
    • Scotland the Brave
    • The Barren Rocks of Aden
    • Teribus
    • Corriechoillie’s Welcome
    • The Glendaruel Highlanders
    • The Atholl Highlanders
    • All the Blue Bonnets are Over the Border
    • The Liberton Pipe Band
    • The Highland Laddie
    • The Battle of the Somme
    • Drops of Brandy
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