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Sabra and Troy - The National Dances

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  • Highland Dance Music from Nova Scotia  is a collection of tunes treasured by dancers and musicians alike that reflects Nova Scotia's world-famous roots music on a variety of instruments from fiddle and piano to bagpipes and guitar.  Sabra MacGillivray is a champion highland dancer who has been dancing her family's music for as long as she can remember.  Her brother, Troy, is an award-winning instrumentalist who combines his innate musicality, driving rhythm and technical mastery of both fiddle and piano to showcase his passion for the traditional music he grew up with.  Together, their passion for the music and dance goes hand-in-hand with their dedication to continuing the arts associated with their Scottish heritage.

    Track Listing:

      1. Sailor's Hornpipe 4 Steps
      2. Sailor's Hornpipe 5 Steps
      3. Sailor's Hornpipe 6 Steps
      4. Irish Jig 4 Steps
      5. Irish Jig 5 Steps
      6. Irish Jig 6 Steps
      7. Wilt Thou Go to the Barracks Johnnie 4 Steps
      8. Wilt Thou Go to the Barracks Johnnie 6 Steps
      9. Highland Laddie 4 Steps
      10. Highland Laddie 6 Steps
      11. Scottish Lilt 4 Steps
      12. Scottish Lilt 6 Steps
      13. Flora MacDonald's Fancy 4 Steps
      14. Flora MacDonald's Fancy 6 Steps
      15. Village Maid 4 Steps
      16. Village Maid 6 Steps
      17. Blue Bonnets O'er the Border 4 Steps
      18. Blue Bonnets O'er the Border 6 Steps
      19. Earl of Errol 4 Steps
      20. Earl of Errol 6 Steps
      21. Scotch Measure 4 Steps
      22. Scotch Measure 6 Steps
      23. Twasome 8 Steps

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