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Ross Canister System

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  • The Ross Moisture Control System is a tried and tested way of regulating the amount of moisture to reach your reeds. The basic concept of the moisture control system is that the air must pass through the canister prior to reaching the reeds thus removing any unwanted moisture from the air. The rocks used within the canister are proven to be long-lasting with maximum efficiency. Drying the rocks is as simple as using a microwave or convectional oven. Each system comes with two canisters to make maintenance easier and to extend play ability on competition days.

    This new design allows the player to adjust the amount of air that passes through the canister which can allow for more moisture to reach the chanter reed and cane drone reeds if desired.

    Ross Moisture Control System

    Easy to install hoses for all three drones and chanter.

    Two canisters filled with Ross rocks.

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