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Reid, Robert - Piper's Delight
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Reid, Robert - Piper's Delight

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  • This book is compiled of 37 tunes by Pipe-Major Robert Reid including Marches, Strathspeys, and Reels and many favourites such as Bonnie Dundee, Scotland the Brave, Green Hills of Tyrol, Skye Boat Song, and many more.


    • Inverness Gathering
    • Hot Punch
    • Farewell to the Creeks
    • March to the Battlefield
    • Donald's gone to the Wars
    • Scotland the Brave
    • Jenny's Bawbee
    • Bonnie Dundee
    • Highland Brigade at Tel El Kebir
    • Blue Bonnets
    • Pibroch Donald Dhu
    • Mucking o' Geordie's Byre
    • Scotland my ain hame
    • Green Hills of Tyrol
    • Mrs MacLeod of Raasay
    • Battle of the Somme
    • Skye Boat Song
    • Follow my Highland Soldier
    • Glen-Finlas
    • Ewe wi' the crookit horn
    • Stirling Castle
    • Braes of Mar
    • Marquis of Huntly
    • Mrs Robert Reid
    • Stumpie
    • Hot Punch
    • Slow March
    • Cabar Feidh
    • Alexander Duff
    • Jenny Dang the Weaver
    • Christmas Carousing
    • High Road to Linton
    • Jock Wilson's Ball
    • Reel of Tulloch
    • Seann Triubhas
    • Road to the Isles or Burning Sands of Egypt
    • Highland Wedding
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