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Reid Maxwell Pipe Band Snare Sticks (Rookie)
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Reid Maxwell Pipe Band Snare Sticks (Rookie)

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  • Designed to the specifications of J. Reid Maxwell, Drum Sergeant for the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band. The RM3 "Rookie" is the very first pipe band snare drum stick specifically made for younger or beginner players that has the same quality and consistency of a 'professional' stick model. Featuring the same balance and bead design as the RM1 "Max", the RM3 "Rookie" has a decreased diameter and a shortened length to allow younger players the same ease and joy of drumming as adults. The first of its kind, this educational model is the ideal teaching tool for kids.



    -Rounded bead

    -Taper throughout

    -Length: 14.5" / 368.3mm

    -Diameter: .670" / 17mm

    -Natural wood finish

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