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Red Hot Chilli Pipers Blast! DVD

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  • Contents of DVD:

    1. Crooked Bridge
    2. Jack and Barney's Chopsticks
    3. Celtic Bolero
    4. Smoke on the Water/ Thunderstruck/ The Fourth Floor
    5. Tag Team Jigs
    6. Jazz Badger
    7. Clocks
    8. Pig Jigs
    9. Battle of the Drums!
    10. Hills of Argyll
    11. Highland Cathedral
    12. The Lost
    13. You're the Voice/ Chilli Time
    14. Sexy Lexy
    15. Hey Jude/ Mason's Apron
    16. Wi a Hundred Pipers/ Rockin' all over the World
    17. We Will Rock You/ Eye of the Tiger/ Clumsy Lover
    18. Rory MacLeod/ Molly's Jig/ The Famous Baravan

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