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Rac N Roll 4x Dual Wheel Bag (Pink)
Item Code: DGB002

Rac N Roll 4x Dual Wheel Bag (Pink)

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  • 4x Dual Wheels now come 360 degrees allowing each wheel to rotate completely making it super simple to change directions when rolling.

    The wheels are enforced with plastic corner guards to help protect the wheels from outside conditions. If you are walking on uneven ground our 4x dual bag can be pulled on two wheels – making it versatile for all situations.

     New Rac n Roll 4x Dual features:

    •         High quality fabric
    •         Enforced with plastic corner guards on wheels
    •         Durable multi-directional dual wheels, rotating 360 degrees
    •         Brand new grey interior liner
    •         New end pieces and updated side rods with a clean finish
    •         Two elastic straps inside
    •         Lightweight
    •         Strong metal frame

    SIZE 17" x 14" x 29" Weight 12lbs

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