Piper and the Maker
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Piper and the Maker

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  • Fin Moore & Simon Bradley

    • Seonaidh's Tune
    • Cuir I Glun Air A' Bhodach (She Put Her Knee on the Old Man Strathspey)
    • Cuir I Glun Air A' Bhodach (She Put Her Knee on the Old Man Reel)
    • Pigtown
    • O'Rourke's Reel

    Martyn Bennett

    • Mary Kelly's
    • Glesca Tabla
    • Belle's Fancy

    Iain MacInnes

    • Because He was a Bonny Lad
    • The Favourite Dram
    • The Low Country Dance
    • Woo'd an' Married an' A'

    Malcolm Robertson

    • The De'il in the Kitchen
    • King George's Strathspey
    • The King's Reel
    • The Old King's Reel
    • Miss Stewart of Grandtully
    • Glenlivet
    • The Left-Handed Fiddler

    Anna Murray

    • Ille Bho Dhubh
    • Chan e Taigh air am bi Tughadh
    • A' Bhriogais Uallach
    • Rugadh anns an t-Siol Thu

    Graham Mulholland

    • Ballincrieff
    • Maggie Cameron
    • Miss Proud

    Gary West

    • Drumchorrie
    • Galician March
    • Scarce o' Tatties
    • Langstrom's Pony

    Gordon Duncan

    • Abercairney Highlanders
    • The Cameronian Rant
    • Mrs. MacPherson of Inveran

    Iain MacDonald & Malcolm Stitt

    • Father Michael MacDonald's Silver Jubilee
    • The Four Courts
    • The Bobbers of Brechin
    • General MacDonald

    Allan MacDonald

    • Oran air La Chulodair

    Martyn Bennett

    • The Magic Flute

    Angus MacKenzie & Gabe McVarish

    • Paul K's Strathspey
    • The Rothiemurchus Rant
    • Mary's Fancy
    • Mutt's Favourite
    • Bodach na Tri Ordagan

    Mairi Campbell & Hamish Moore

    • The Piper and the Maker

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