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Peter Henderson Poly Solo Pipe Chanter

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  • Made from polypenco, this chanter was designed by Alastair Dunn - Double Gold Medalist and Pipe Sergent of the Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band. This chanter has been proven to deliver a winning sound for soloists. The design of this chanter incorporates a new reed-seat which helps produce a rich and resonant tone with stability and projection. 

    This chanter comes complete with a reed protector and deluxe box.

    "Projection. Stability. Pitch."

    Made by R.G. Hardie & Co. LTD. Designed by Alastair Dunn.

    Made from polypenco.

    Pitched between 478hz and 482hz.

    Threaded reed seat.

    Includes reed protector and deluxe box.

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