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MG Drone Reeds

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  • These synthetic drone reeds have been designed to give the best possible combination of harmonics from the bass and tenor drones, utilizing man-made materials to ensure richness in tone, stability of sound, reliability, and repeat-ability.

    The carbon fibre bass reed has a deep, rich sound and produces the perfect amount of upper-end frequency to obtain that cane-like sound. The bodies are moisture absorbent to keep you playing for longer.

    MG Reeds have been recently updated with improvements to the pitch adjusters and bridles which allows for better acceptance in a wider range of pipes.

    Designed by McCallum Bagpipes.

    Set of 3 reeds.

    Carbon Bass reed with carbon fibre tongue.

    Mark 2 Tenor reeds with plastic tongues.

    Rubber band bridle.

    Adjustable tuning screw.

    Moisture absorbent body.

    Made in Scotland.

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