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McCallum McC2 Pipe Chanter - Polypenco

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  • This new McCallum McC2 chanter was designed and is played by one of the world's most highly decorated soloists - Willie McCallum. The McC2 is designed at a slightly lower pitch than most chanters being made today, which many soloists will find a blessing. This chanter can be set comfortably between 474hz and 478hz.

    McCallum Bagpipe chanters feature a high-quality tone that has been adopted by no less than 14 Grade One Pipe Bands to deliver their musical presence.

    Each chanter carries the McCallum Bagpipe marking.

    Usually ships in 6-8 weeks.

    Made by McCallum Bagpipes. Designed by Willie and Stuart McCallum.

    Made from polypenco.

    Threaded reed seat.

    Pitched between 474hz and 478hz.

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