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Mathieson, P/M Robert - Book 4 - The Fourth Title
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Mathieson, P/M Robert - Book 4 - The Fourth Title

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  • "Fourth Title" by P/M Robert Mathieson includes one dance, two hornpipes, fourteen jigs, one latino waltz, eleven marches, one polka, ten reels, four slow airs, and three strathspeys.



    • Medieval Dance


    • Cragie Park
    • The White Pudding


    • The New Conqueror
    • Mind the Ramp
    • The Oban Boatrace
    • Eat the Beat
    • Ally's Turn
    • Lost in London
    • The Famous Baravan
    • The Whirlie Beat (Jig)
    • The Herb Man
    • Cut the Cane
    • SDCPB.Com
    • (harmony)
    • Laura's Lucky Day
    • A Stones Throw from Bangor

    Latino Waltz

    • The King and the Swan


    • The House of Edgar
    • The First One Hundred
    • The Incorporation
    • Lanarkshire Pipe Band
    • The Lucky Hurl
    • The Lothians March
    • Peter McIntyre's March
    • The Highland Swing
    • Piano Fingers
    • Golspie Gala Silver Jubilee
    • Chasing the Sun


    • The Kiltmakers Polka


    • Birlin Sporrans
    • The Three Legged Dog
    • Calahonda
    • Reel Prelude
    • The Wisemaidden
    • The Whirlie Beat
    • Swinging Folk
    • The Crown Jools
    • The FM Groove
    • The Sting in the Tail

    Slow Airs

    • The Piper's Tango (with harmony)
    • Millennium Air
    • The Piper's Prayer
    • Strathaven Park


    • Puirt a Beul
    • The Diced Hose
    • The Saltire Tartan
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