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MacNeil, Robert - Book 1
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MacNeil, Robert - Book 1

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  • The first collection of pipe music produced in British Columbia and the first collection to use the Bagpipe Music Writer program created by Robert MacNeil. Many of the compositions are by British Columbians, past and present, with a number from the repertoire of the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band.

    Includes eleven hornpipes, twenty marches, four strathspeys, eleven reels, nine jigs, four slow airs, and four retreats.



    • Murdoch MacAlister
    • Captain Geddes' Turnabout
    • Jimmy's Hero
    • Aileen E. Sinclair
    • The Token Nova Scotian
    • The Buck of the Spree
    • Calum McErlean
    • Hornpipe for Clansey
    • M.S. Munro
    • The Pile Driver
    • Mickie Ainsworth


    • Sally Wilson
    • Moonstar
    • Jack's Welcome Home
    • P/M Robert B. McIntosh
    • The Geritol Kid
    • The Children's Song
    • The Old Boy
    • Jim Ritchie's March
    • Lieutenant Raymond Trygstad
    • Dr. Wallace Gunn
    • Russell M. Cooper
    • M.A. MacNeil
    • James Wilson of Chelsea Road
    • The British Columbia Pipers' Association
    • The East Belfast Pipe Band
    • Ross Campbell
    • The City of Glendale Pipe Band
    • The Hen's March to the Midden
    • The Celtic Society


    • Mary Margaret Munro
    • The Slip Strathspey
    • Jennifer Lindsay
    • The Hachum Strathspey


    • Carnie's Canter
    • McCready's Ceilidh
    • The Fleshmarket Close
    • Nameless
    • Return to Barra
    • Heat from the Furnace
    • The Wise Maid
    • Pee Wee's Waltz
    • Lady Margaret Stewart
    • The Bletherskate
    • Jack McGee


    • Mac's Fancy
    • Corran House
    • The Magpie
    • The Tucson Bobs
    • Strike the Arc
    • The Gin Genie
    • The Mug of Brown Ale
    • Kilpatrick's Canadian Role
    • Andy & Sandy

    Slow Airs

    • Fiona Jean
    • Genevieve
    • Annie Watchorn
    • Classical Bob


    • Dr. George Pedersen
    • Dr. Kenneth M. Leighton F.R.C.P. (C)
    • Neil McInnes
    • The Simon Fraser University Pipe Band
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