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MacLeod, P/M Donald Tutorial CDs, Vol. 6

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  • Piobaireachd Tutorials: Two CD's (Parts 11 & 12) by Donald MacLeod.

    Contents of first CD:

    1. Salute to MacDonald of Staffa
    2. The Macintyres' Salute
    3. Lady Anapool's Lament
    4. My dearest on earth give me your kiss
    5. A. S. MacNeill of Oransay's Salute
    6. Lady Doyle's Salute

    Contents of second CD:

    1. Lament for Mary MacLeod
    2. The Battle of the Pass of Crieff
    3. Peter James MacInnes's Lullaby
    4. Catherine's Lament
    5. The MacKays' Banner
    6. The Hen's March o'er the Midden

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