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Kinnaird Carbon Fibre Drone Reeds

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  • The original design by Rob Kinnaird, these reeds have proven themselves to produce among the finest drone sound. The unique curved carbon fibre tongue results in a rich and cane-like sound. These reeds are preferred by many top soloists and pipe bands around the world.

    The reed body and seats are made of glass fibre and the tongue is made from carbon fibre, making them stronger than many other reeds. In addition, their design makes them extremely air efficient and are resistant to moisture.

    The tenors and bass blend well to create a cane-like experience with minimal amount of maintenance and effort. Adjustments are made easy with the O-ring bridle and allen key.

    Curved carbon fibre tongue.

    Waterproof glass fibre body.

    Poly nose cone.

    O-ring bridle.

    Metal Screw and allen key to adjust tuning height.

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