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Highland Dancer's Inverness Raincape (Red)
Item Code: DIC1RXXS

Highland Dancer's Inverness Raincape (Red)

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  • These nylon raincapes with hoods are made specifically for highland dancers and are available in a wide variety of colours to match your tartan. They are made with 100% waterproof PV coated nylon and feature double-layered protection with large arm holes which allow complete freedom of movement with no condensation build-up inside.

      Chest Length Height
    XX Small 61 - 71 cm 97 cm up to 4' 7"
    X Small 74 - 85 cm 107 cm up to 5' 1"
    Small 86 - 97 cm 120 cm up to 5' 7"
    Medium 99 - 107 cm 124 cm up to 5' 11"
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