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Highland Bagpipe Tuner 2

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  • The HBT2 bagpipe tuner correctly displays the pitch of chanter notes to harmonize with the drones while also displaying the note, frequency, calibration frequency and pitch position. It is easy to use for pipers at any level and makes tuning easy.

    Each HBT2 tuner is shipped with the HBTM bagpipe clip microphone, earpiece and batteries so it's ready to use straight out of the box.

    The HBT2 offers accuracy /-1 cent (Hz) and a response speed of <20ms- super fast and in a league of it's own!


    HB & Drones Mode:

    • For the Pipe Chanter, each note and it's frequency, pitch and calibration information is displayed on the large LCD screen. The notes are displayed as pipers are familiar- A, B, C, D, E, F, G, A.
    • The HBT2 provides 3 visual feedback readings of frequency and pitch position of your bagpipes (vertical meter, note display and frequency detected).
    • Calibrating the HBT2 Bagpipe tuner is set by adjusting the up/down arrows, the selectable range is 430Hz to 499Hz.
    • Detection of notes is via the internal microphone or external clip microphone.
    • HB-'Dr' mode, Drones tuning display.
    • When transferring to Drones mode (Dr) the calibration frequency set in Chanter mode is automatically transferred. Further adjustment can still be made.


    The HBT2 metronome has a tempo range of 30-230 BPM, referenced by standard Italian musical terms and offers a variety of beat structures. Ideal use is when playing pipes (with the supplied earphone) or the practice chanter. The metronome can be heard either by the built-in speaker or supplied earphone.

     The earphone output has a volume control and external speakers can also be attached.


    • Tempo range 20-230 BPM
    • Beats: -/4 (0) 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 3/8, 6/8
    • Rhythm

    Chromatic Mode

    • The HBT2 Chromatic mode is for pipers who also play other instruments. It is primarily designed for guitar or violin using the clip microphone. The mode is for standard concert pitch tuning with a 10hz range of 435-445 Hz with sharp/ flat indicators.
    • In chromatic mode can a calibration frequency can be set with note, frequency, pitch position and distance from calibration frequency all displayed on the LCD screen.


    • Equal temperament tuning- standard concert pitch (Guitar)
    • A4 Range 435-445 Hz

    Tone Generator

    The HBT2 Tone Generator produces a reference tone which is output via the earphone socket. The frequency variance is controlled by the up/down arrows and notes can be changed by pressing the 'MODE~ITEM' softkey.

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