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Gandy, Bruce - Volume 2
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Gandy, Bruce - Volume 2

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  • The second volume in the collection of bagpipe music compiled by Bruce Gandy. A large cast of composers are used for a variety in not only tune classification, but also in composing style, which is more interesting to the learner. The compilation of music includes thirteen marches, seven strathspeys, thirteen reels, one piobaireachd, five airs, ten jigs, and thirteen hornpipes.



    • Calum Rife's Fanfare 
    • Friday on Soho St.
    • Glen Road Gardens 
    • The Howards of Cornwall 
    • Ian McAskill 
    • Lorraine Symington 
    • Malcolm Deleskie 
    • Megantic 
    • The Mouse Hunt 
    • Neil Campbell of South Uist 
    • Newhaven Guest House 
    • Nixon Wedding March 
    • Pipe Major James Troy


    • Aidan Thomas 
    • The Canadian Glen 
    • Donald Morrison (The Outlaw of Megantic) 
    • Kirsty's Strathspey 
    • Steve & Diane of Cheltenham 
    • Under the Triboro 
    • The Waters of Portage Inlet


    • The Auld the Wife A'hint the Door 
    • Captain Mossie 
    • Dirty Boots 
    • The Rejected Outlaw 
    • Sandy MacIntyre's Reel 
    • The Session Gap 
    • Spadina Spiller 
    • Studio One 
    • Susan Elizabeth's Reel 
    • Sweeney's 
    • Tulloch Gorum 
    • Vancouver Ladies 
    • Weaving Through Glengarry


    • Andrew MacNeil of Colonsay


    • Fraser's Lullaby 
    • Lament for Colin Grant 
    • Margaret Olson 
    • Memories of Theresa McRae 
    • Under the Apple Tree


    • Ainsley's Jig 
    • Augusta MacIvor 
    • The Blunder 
    • Cameronian Rant 
    • Go to Hell 
    • Kevin Symington 
    • Michael MacDonald's Jig 
    • Sammy the Tam 
    • The Thief of Pleasanton 
    • Wendy's Dilema


    • A Twist in the Tale 
    • Beverley's Choice 
    • The Cornerbrook Wedding 
    • Fear in the Pass 
    • The Hillriggers 
    • Jimmy Smith 
    • The MacKenzie Hall Loft 
    • Magnus' Memory 
    • Margaret Elizabeth Copelend 
    • The Ramsay Man 
    • Rockley Beach 
    • Sterling Mossie 
    • William Barrie's Favorite
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