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G1 Copper Bagpipe Reed
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G1 Copper Bagpipe Reed

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  • The G1 Copper Bagpipe Reeds are expertly prepared to the highest level using the finest cane sources from around the globe. The cane is matured and treated in a unique way known only to G1 Reeds producing a stable and durable reed. Each reed is then tested for pitch, clarity and resonance.

    The copper reed was released in 2017 and builds on the huge success of the original G1 and G1 Platinum reed.

    "G1 reeds are made solely by myself, John Elliott, using a combination of traditional and innovative techniques producing a precision reed. Each tube of cane is personally hand selected and only the best will be deemed acceptable for G1’s high standards. The cane is sourced from top cane growers in France and Spain depending on the season. It is then treated and prepared in a highly skilled process only known to G1 reeds. Then the reeds are manufactured in small batches, which ensure a premium quality. Each reed is then tested, varnished, then tested again by me personally. I will reject any reed that does not meet my own high standard ensuring you, the customer, complete satisfaction." -John Elliott

    All reeds are hand selected by Terry Lee.

    Made by G1 Reeds. Designed, produced, and tested by John Elliott.

    Band quotes available upon request - Please contact us for details.

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