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Field Marshall Montgomery ReCharged, DVD

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  • Contents of DVD:

    1. Introduction
    2. MacLeod of Mull
    3. The Sandpiper Set
    4. Big Duncan's Reels
    5. Tag Team
    6. The Winnipeg Forger Set
    7. The Highland Wedding Set
    8. Cliffs of Doneen Medley
    9. The Fiddlers Rally Medley
    10. Chasing Shadows Set
    11. Solo from Ryan Canning
    12. Arsen's Revolution Medley
    13. Donald MacLeod Tribute
    14. Drum Salute
    15. The Cameronian Rant Jig Set
    16. Solo from Andrew Carlisle
    17. Ruth Grant Set
    18. Double F Dilemma Set
    19. Interviews and Extras

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