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Dalriada Bagpipe Tuner
Item Code: PMT101

Dalriada Bagpipe Tuner

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  • The Dalriada Bagpipe Tuner is from Beat Street’s manufacturing division, Dalriada Music Ltd. It is the ultimate bagpipe tuner, meeting the requirements of today’s piper.

    It was designed specifically for the highland bagpipe, and engineered with the bagpiper in mind.

    Designed specifically for the Highland Bagpipe

    Pre-set Crystal Guarantees Retention of Accuracy

    Unrivaled Accuracy on both Chanter and Drones

    Operating Range 456Hz – 492Hz

    External microphone socket

    Microphone (included) allows you to reach the drones with ease, meaning you can a reading and adjust as you like

    The Dalriada Bagpipe Tuner really has revolutionised bagpipe tuning

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