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Item Code: PEP008

Blair Digital Chanter 'Air' Pipe Bag

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  • The Blair Digital Chanter ‘Air’ Pipe Bag transforms your chanter into a performance bagpipe. It’s comfortable, portable and convenient for travelling.

    The Blair Digital Chanter ‘Air’ Pipe Bag is inflated by a mouth blown valve placed on the rear of the bag. A specially turned spigot (adapter) is then placed into the mouthpiece socket and secured to the pipe bag with embedded O rings which makes it easy to maneuver for the best playing position.

    The ‘Air’ Pipe Bag is made from the same material as breathable pipe bags, and even when semi-inflated comfortable to play. The pipe bag emulates a traditional playing position with fingers, arms and posture mirroring how you would play on a traditional bagpipe.

    It’s quick to setup then pack away inside your Digital Chanter case and all parts are assembled ready to use.

    What’s included:
    • Breathable Pipe Bag with air valve
    • Adapter stock for Blair Digital Chanter
    • Chromed Spigot with embedded O rings
    • Blue velvet pipe bag cover with zip and velcro

    2 year warranty on all pipe bags.

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