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Bagpipe Maintenance Kit Seattle
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Bagpipe Maintenance Kit

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  • This bagpipe maintenance kit includes 16 essential items a piper needs to maintain their instrument.

    Comes with everyday items such as seasoning, chanter tape, brushes, hemp, and a knife blade as well as specialty items such as bore oil, a tie-in cord, and a rubber blowpipe valve.

    Kit includes:

    • 2 oz bagpipe bagtie seasoning
    • Bore oil
    • Chanter tape
    • Chanter brush
    • Drone brush
    • Drone cord ties (8) - white
    • Drone top stoppers (3)
    • Emery board & instructions for pipe reed repair
    • Hemp - waxed, 1 oz
    • Knife blade
    • Mouthpiece protectors (2)
    • Practice chanter reed
    • Reed absorbs (12)
    • Rubber blowpipe valve
    • Stock stoppers (5)
    • Tie in cord (8 ft)
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