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Bagpipe Blowpipe FlexiStick Imitation Ivory Projecting Mount Seattle
Item Code: PBP010I

Bagpipe Blowpipe FlexiStick

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  • The Flexistick by R.G. Hardie is a precision-made blowpipe designed to achieve the optimum position of the blowpipe and maximum airflow into the pipe bag. 

    It is made of a series of components to adjust the length and angular position of the blowpipe. It extends from 8 to 12 inches using a lock nut and tube assembly and together with a swivel joint the piper can adjust the blowpipe to position comfortably while performing. 

    The mouthpiece design and bore size ensure maximum airflow and comfort. 

    The Flexistick comes complete with a removable/replaceable mouthpiece.

    Made from nylon.

    Large bore size.

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