Advanced Highland Dance Technique, DVD (Vol. 3) (HP/J)
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Advanced Highland Dance Technique, DVD (Vol. 3) (HP/J)

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  • 10 time World Champions Deryck & Gareth Mitchelson present the third in a series of videos focusing on Highland Technique, and although it may seem to be aimed specifically at competitive dancers we believe that it will prove to be an invaluable resource for every dancer, competitive or not, working to improve their dancing.

    Volume 3 looks at the Irish Jig and Sailor's Hornpipe, covering all of the positions, movements, introductions, endings, and steps included in the Jig & Hornpipe Book issued by the Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing (2004 version).

    The dances are broken down step-by-step and then movement-by-movement with the dancers demonstrating 'good technique' accompanied by commentary by Deryck & Gareth on the technique and also tips for avoiding some of the more common faults.

    Includes demonstration of male and female styles for all steps of the Jig.

    The steps and movements are expertly demonstrated by Deryck & Gareth and 2004 World Champion - Rachel McLean.

    Learn to dance like a World Champion...

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