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Item Code: DSHHP10C

Purple Highlander Highland Dance Shoes

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    Please measure barefoot from heel to toe and refer to size chart. 
    Size chart indicates from heel to toe of the dance shoe with a slight stretch.

    Designed by Tartantown, we are pleased to introduce the "Purple Highlander" shoe.  These dance ghillies are ultra-soft leather, cut neat to the foot and shaped to show your footwork to perfection. Features include a split-padded insole for ultimate comfort, protection, and ease of point.  Features four pair of white eyelets, a side ankle eyelet and front toe tab.  White leather upper and white leather sole.

    Finally a Highland shoe at a great value! 

    Purple laces included.

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  • Size Measurement
    10C 6.5"
    11 6 3/4"
    12 7 1/4"
    13 7 1/2"
    1 7 3/4"
    2 8"
    3 8 1/4"
    4 8 1/2"
    5 8 3/4"
    6 9"
    7 9 1/4"
    8 A 9 1/2"
    9 A 9 3/4"
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