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Robert Malcolm Memorial Pipe Band - Auld Lang Syne
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Robert Malcolm Memorial Pipe Band - Auld Lang Syne

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  • Recorded by the Robert Malcolm Memorial Pipe Band.  Recorded in 2003 at the Simon Fraser University Recording Studios.

    Contents of CD:

      Green Hills of Tyrol
      • The Green Hills of Tyrol
      • When the Battle is Over
      • Shoals of Herring

      Scotland the Brave / Black Bear

      • Scotland the Brave
      • Black Bear

      Amazing Grace

      Wee 6/8's

      • Bonnie Dundee
      • The Muckin' O' Geordie's Byre
      • The Steam Boat

      Skye Boat Song

      Big 6/8's

      • The Cock of the North
      • Mrs. Lily Christie

      Highland Cathedral


      • The Gardens of Skye
      • The Meeting of the Waters

      Three 2/4's

      • The Nutbrown Maiden
      • Mari's Wedding
      • A Mans a Man

      Flower of Scotland / Road to the Isles

      • Flower of Scotland
      • Road to the Isles

      Senior's Medley

      • The Gorge
      • Coppermill Studio
      • The Panda
      • Davy Adamson
      • The Braes of Mar
      • The Strathspey King
      • Tail Toddle
      • Bass Face

      Halligan Street

      • Halligan Street
      • The Wellington Police Pipers in Australia


      • Duncan the Gauger
      • Annette's Chanter
      • Nyssa's Reel
      • Patti

      Junior's Medley

      • Walking the Plank
      • Donald Cameron's Powderhorn
      • Eileen Mary Connolly
      • Kaimes Lassies
      • Cutty's Wedding
      • Rakish Paddy
      • Jenny Dang the Weaver

      Junior's Hornpipes

      • Chasing Shadows
      • Stumbling Through the Grey Area


      • Suo Gan
      • The Road to Tomintoil
      • Bronni's Blue Brozzi
      • Paddy Be Easy
      • P/M John MacDonald's Exercise

      The Set

      • Mrs. John MacColl
      • Dora MacLeod
      • Major Manson


      • Strathann Reel
      • Shovel Tongue
      • Lexy MacAskill
      • Dolina MacKay

      Auld Lang Syne

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