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Wallace, Robert - Bagpipe Tutor 3
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Wallace, Robert - Bagpipe Tutor 3

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  • The best way to learn piobaireachd (pronounced ‘pee-broch’) the classical music of the bagpipe. ‘Bagpipe Tutor 3 – Piobaireachd’ is by PP Editor Robert Wallace and follows in sequence from his successful Bagpipe Tutor Books 1 & 2. The book is lie-flat, wire bound.

    Like them, the piobaireachd tutor makes full use of multimedia to fully illustrate each lesson. This is accessible via an internet link. High quality sound and video files are free to all purchasers of the book via Sound Cloud and Vimeo.

    The book consists of 20 concise yet comprehensive lessons, and on completion the student will know all the technique needed for the successful delivery of this music – and four complete tunes: the Wee Spree, Clan Campbell’s Gathering, the Boat Tune and Duncan MacRae of Kintail’s Lament.

    The book is structured in such a way that each piece of new technique is incorporated in the tune that follows, thus putting the movement, be it a throw to E or F, or perhaps the crunluath, into its relevant musical context.

    There is also a short introduction to canntaireachd (mouth music), plus information on tune construction, pentatonic scales and piping history.

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