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Hardie MKII Band Pipe Chanter - Polypenco
Item Code: PBCH002

Hardie MKII Band Pipe Chanter - Polypenco

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  • The R.G. Hardie MKII Polypenco Band Pipe Chanter was designed by Alastair Dunn - Double Gold Medalist and Pipe Sergeant of the Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band. This chanter delivers a robust, bright sound that will deliver a first class sound for pipe bands of all grades. It features oval finger holes and sound holes for maximum projection while still allowing comfortable finger positioning. This chanter comes complete with a reed protector and protective tube.

    "Projection. Stability. Pitch."

    Made by R.G. Hardie & Co. Ltd. Designed by Alastair Dunn.

    Pitched between 478hz and 482hz.

    Band quotes available upon request - Please contact us for details.

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