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Size 8 Slim Orchid Scott Variation Kiltie, Vest, and Hose
Item Code: DOC001

Size 8 Slim Orchid Scott Variation Kiltie, Vest, and Hose

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  • In stock Pre-Premier Deluxe outfit includes highland vest, kiltie and hose.

    Vest Measurements: Chest (27") - Waist (26") - Hip (29") - Finished Length (18.5")

    Kiltie Measurements: Waist (23.5") - Hip (28") - Length (16") - Plus 2-3" hem

    Hose Measurements: Calf (9.75") - Foot (8") - Leg Length (13")

    Vest is hand-tailored to RSOBHD specifications from the finest 100% cotton velvet. Trimmed in silver 1/2" metallic braid with ten corresponding medium buttons down the front. Fully lined, interfaced with high-quality haircloth and boned down the front to give a crisp, tailored look. Finished with a zipper or hooks and eye closure.

    Kilties are perfect for the young highland dancer.  They are machine stitched and use the same high quality 100% worsted wool that is used on our traditional dance kilts.

    Hose are hand-knit in Scotland from 100% wool.



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