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Advanced Highland Dance Technique, DVD (Vol. 4) (Nationals)
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Advanced Highland Dance Technique, DVD (Vol. 4) (Nationals)

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  • 10 times World Champions Deryck & Gareth Mitchelson present the final one in a series of videos focusing on Highland Technique.

    Although it may seem to be aimed at competitive dancers we believe that it will prove to be an invaluable resource for every dancer, competitive or not, working to understand new methods or improve their technique, and for dance professionals working towards a professional exam or an adjudicators qualification.

    This DVD focuses on the 8 competition National Dances - Flora, Lilt, Barracks Johnnie, Highland Laddie, Blue Bonnets, Village Maid, Scotch Measure & Earl of Errol including the introductions, endings, breaks, movements and steps.

    The dances are broken down step-by-step and movement-by-movement with the dancers demonstrating 'good technique' and most of the variations from the current UKA, BATD and SDTA publications, accompanied by a general commentary from Deryck.

    The steps and movements are expertly demonstrated by Highland Dancing World Champions - Rachel McLean & Gareth Mitchelson.

    Learn to dance like a World Champion with the Advanced Highland Technique Video Series.

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